DigidWorks is a custom software development company

A bespoke web application is often what businesses need in order to become successful.

Leverage our expertise to increase productivity in your company. Use technology to improve enterprise processes. Reduce time and money wasted with better business intelligence and analytics.

Be more efficient and use smart tech to improve ROIs.

Turning great business ideas into successful products

Win your clients with cutting edge software solutions

Keep your users happy with easy to use applications, custom tailored with user centered design in mind.

Start your digital transformation

In the age of digital economy employ the best transformation strategy for your company and reap the benefits.

Web apps that do a lot

Reduce business costs

With technology infused management and easy to use UIs.

Save time and increase productivity

Take the repetitive tasks out of your schedule by integrating business automation.

Optimize processes

Implement universal processes across every business entity and department with business management software.

Improve organization

With team and employee management and time tracking software tools.

Make your customers happy

Provide the perfect service without errors.

Our custom software development solutions

Business management applications

Management software

Use a management web application to have all your company specific processes and custom functionality integrated in a single piece of software.

Give your clients an easy way to accomplish complex tasks.

Know more, make less errors, save time and money!

Enterprise analytics, monitoring and automation

Software automation

Get rid of repetitive, manual tasks, that can be easily done by software.

Utilise software automation to improve efficiency and productivity.

Save time and money by optimizing your workflows and business processes.

Custom tailored ERPs and CRMs

Custom cloud ERPs

Get a bespoke application, tailored to your business' needs and goals.

Every industry has its specifics, use them to your advantage with a custom ERP web application!

Complex web applications

Custom cloud apps

Get a bespoke cloud application with all the features you need.

Provide a unique software solution to solve all your customers' problems.

Attract clients and increase your revenue with the ultimate product.

What our clients think

"DigidWorks were instrumental in launching our internal ERP system effortlessly and in time.

They were experienced in the domain and understood our requirements.

They also provided maintenance and support for any new features we wanted.

Thanks again!"

S. Nedelchev, Kernel Mode

"They understood the requirements 1st hand and did exactly what I asked for.

Didn't give excuses and got on with the project. Will use them again.

Thanks for the professionalism."

D. Patel, 3rd Eye Solutions

"Thanks guys!

Very prompt and had the patience to work with us even on Sundays."

Justin F., Areto Systems

"Extremely professional and proficient, the guys at DigidWorks were a delight to work with and I would strongly recommend them."

James D., House of Insurtech

"I am thrilled with their work.

They are reliable, did exactly what I needed, and I will absolutely work with them again next time."

M. Lee, Lee Law LLC

Need some code?

What's our strategy for good software development

We use the most functional and adequate tools for the project at hand

We try to have a "sane" approach to our work. This means that we don't really buy into buzzwords. For each new task we do a technical assessment and we aim for the most well-suited technological stack.

We create practical and easy to use web applications

The interfaces we build are responsive and developed with mobile-first approach in mind. We are not afraid of creating elaborate widgets and screens if that is going to make things easier for the end users of the application.

We try to build long term relations with our clients

If there are any problems and uncertainties we will communicate them up front and won't abandon your project half done.