Real-time data from the field, super efficient management, flawless planning!

Running a business is easier with the right tools.

Be in control of your employees, customers, resources, assets and every other aspect of your company.

With customized controls, you'll be able to optimize your business processes.

Get valuable real-time insights of the key performance indicators for your company with tailored dashboards and reporting tools.

DigidWorks | Business Software

We are a business software company!

Do you feel like you need to increase productivity and efficiency in your company?

Use our highly customizable management platform to achieve growth and accomplish goals.

Our product will help your company implement better supervision.

Do you want to reduce the amount of chores and repetitive work?

We can help you get your time back and do the meaningful work.

Get real-time data sent your way and carry out effective, metrics based management.

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Better insights

Optimize monitoring in your company and remove the guesswork.

Smarter strategy

Reinforce your planning with the optimal business reports.



Motivate everybody on your staff to be a top performer.


Leverage software automation to increase productivity.

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What our clients think

"DigidWorks were instrumental in launching our internal ERP system effortlessly and in time.

They were experienced in the domain and understood our requirements.

They also provided maintenance and support for any new features we wanted.

Thanks again!"

S. Nedelchev, Kernel Mode

"They understood the requirements 1st hand and did exactly what I asked for.

Didn't give excuses and got on with the project. Will use them again.

Thanks for the professionalism."

D. Patel, 3rd Eye Solutions

"Thanks guys!

Very prompt and had the patience to work with us even on Sundays."

Justin F., Areto Systems

"Extremely professional and proficient, the guys at DigidWorks were a delight to work with and I would strongly recommend them."

James D., House of Insurtech

"I am thrilled with their work.

They are reliable, did exactly what I needed, and I will absolutely work with them again next time."

M. Lee, Lee Law LLC

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