The only management platform you're going to need!

It puts you in control and lets you get more done.

This is not a "one size fits all" solution. You will get your own, unique version of the platform, custom made to match your company's specifics.

The platform will help managers on every level in your company to make better decisions.

The excellent reporting capabilities will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses in you business processes and operations.

To get you started, here's a list of the more interesting modules and features you can choose from depending on your needs.

Of course, if you need something more specific, that's not on the list, we can develop it for you and integrate it in the platform!

Easy data management

This is the core data entry module. You can use it to list all the objects of a given type (e.g. cars) in the platform. You can also add new objects and modify or delete existing ones.

When browsing the list, you can do a regular search or use a filter.

There are special filters for date and time values.


This module is best suited to visualize time bound data.

The timeline shows a set of events in chronological order.

Different controls can be integrated allowing you to accomplish tasks related to the events.


The dashboard is a control panel used to monitor and manage a certain aspect of your company. Every dashboard is different and custom tailored to best do its job.

A dashboard improves management by a lot. It has all the information about a certain resource in a single place, combined with the controls needed to do every change that you want.

Some examples are active users dashboard, drivers on the road, etc.

A dashboard usually comprises of different controls and data displays.

Reporting, charts, graphs & statistics

This is the module used to create most of the business intelligence functionality in the platform.

Charts and graphs contribute to improved visibility by putting the data in front of you in a convenient manner.

Reporting and statistics are a good tool to aggregate the most important information and put it in front of you.

It has various types of charts, graphs and other data visualization tools. Some examples are: area chart, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, etc.

The generated reports can be exported in different files formats - csv, pdf, etc.

Real time maps

This is a very business specific module, it can differ vastly from one company to the other or it can be omitted altogether.

At its core this is a map showing data in real time. You can also interact with it and control the objects shown.

There are no limits as to what objects the map can display.

Just a few examples are:

  • Vehicles - cars, bikes, drones, choppers, planes, etc.
  • Cameras
  • Buildings
  • Trackers - fitness, animal, etc.

Aside from objects the map can display layers of information. Layers are mostly used for visualization purposes.

Real time alerts, statuses and messaging

This module is very useful when acting fast is required. Every alert, status and message is processed in a near real time fashion.

Alerts can be defined based on different criteria like time, object location, data access, etc. After the defined event happens, an alert will be displayed in the platform. Additionally, alerts can be configured to send emails.

Statuses are similar to alerts but they are shown in a different manner. Usually they are embedded in a status dashboard and serve as a gauge.

With messaging you can send simple text messages to other users of the platform. Email notifications can be enabled here as well.

Clocking, time-tracking and task management

This module provides you with an easy way to manage your teams' tasks and to track progress.

Your employees will be able to see an ordered list of their tasks. Also, they'll be able to track the time it took them to complete any given assignment.

Using this module will reduce time losses for your employees.

Enterprise search engine & archive

This module is a powerful archive and search engine. It allows you to index, organise and search huge amounts of documents.

If your company deals with a great amount of documents, this is a tool that will greatly reduce the time it takes you to find certain piece of information.


This is more of a feature than a single module. Gamification elements can be integrated in the other modules of the system.

Gamification is a fun way to motivate your employees to be better at what they do and to reward your best performers.

It introduces concepts like yearly, monthly and weekly achievements, rewards, trophies and so on.

3rd party integrations

Our management platform can be easily connected with any third party APIs via REST.

We also offer integrating 3rd party connections in our modules, components, controls, features, etc.

This way you can build your system in the most optimal way.

Sounds good?